Environmental Services

CTE's Environmental Services are designed to meet the ever changing climate of environmental needs.  CTE maintains the personnel laboratory capabilities and drilling equipment necessary for a complete range of activities.


Private consultations with owners maintain the integrity of confidentiality.

  • Soil and ground water testing
    • Petroleum hydrocarbons
    • Lead toxicity
    • pH
    • Radioactivity
    • BETX
  • Soil and ground water remediation
  • Property site assessments
  • Abstract review
  • Underground storage testing tank services
    • Engineering evaluation
    • Tank closure
    • Site remediation
  • Phase I assessments
  • Phase II assessments
  • Phase III remediation cleanup
  • Dual phase extraction systems
  • ORC - Oxygen Release Compound Filter Socks
  • High Vacuum Remediation
  • MEME - Mobile Enhanced Multiphase Extraction
  • Surfactant Injection with Dual phase extractions
  • Natural attenuation
  • Soil Sparging