Jerry Gilbert is a registered professional engineer serving as the Principal Engineer & CEO of Construction Testing & Engineering.  His varied background in engineering design, field construction, supervision, and before supervision, as well as an extensive amount of environmental education/training allows him to oversee all aspects of a project from beginning to end.  For thirty one years, he has been responsible of up to 20 employees and the completion of over 5000 projects in the construction, geotechnical and environmental fields.


B.S. Civil Engineering - Auburn University

Registered Professional Engineer: Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee & Mississippi

Continuing Education:

ASTM Phase I Environmental Inspections of Buildings and Property

Inspecting Buildings for Asbestos Containing Materials

Lead Paint Inspectors Course

Nationwide Permits for Wetlands

Solving Water Intrusion and Mold Problems



Larry Rheams is a registered professional Geologist for Construction Testing & Engineering.  He has over 25 year of experience in Engineering and Engineering Geology as well as over 20 years experience as Site Stratigraphy.  Before coming to CTE, Larry worked as a Project Geologist for the Geological Survey of Alabama and has extensive knowledge of Classic Sedimentology, Mineral and Coal Geology, Geophysical wire-line Logs, and Computor Operations.


B.S. Geology - University of Alabama

Continuing Education:

Engineer Officer's Basic Course

Engineer Officer's Construction Course

Past Graduate Studies in Geology

Engineer Officer's Advance Course

Command and General Staff College